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Samsung is a markable brand, and it has shifted to smartphones over the years.

But due to the demand for feature phones and Samsung then comes up with the latest version of the old Samsung Guru that is the most demanding and popular phone previously and, it is easy to use. It was launched in September 2017 & is available only in one color Black. The Feature phone is available in the range of Rs.1662 in India.

Quality and Design

The keys are clicky and very soft to press as well as having a soft-touch design that has nothing extraordinary to make it look cool.  Then they come back to launch a keypad phone and, it is 2 inch that is a 5.08 cm display screen with a display of TFT technology with a resolution of 128 x 160 (QQVGA)  and color depth of 65K.

The whole design is catchy and centered around practicality, which for a feature phone is of utmost importance, and not casual comes in one white color.

The backplate of this phone has a textured finish to aid proper grip while holding the phone even with wet hands.

The keypad on this phone is one of the most comfortable ones. We have seen on any feature phone to date. The keys are clicky and very soft to press as well.

It has a vibrant and sleek design than the other that makes this model more attractive. It weighs 74.98, which makes it slimmer than the Nokia Model and make it lightweight.

Battery and the Processor

It has a single-core processor with 208 MHz speed having a battery of 800mAh you can use it for the whole day for standby use, but with heavy use, it can run up to 16 hours almost. That also has a Li-on type of battery that is removable. It provides fast charging and, you can fully charge your battery within an hour or 45 minutes.


We all know duos are in the market people generally uses dual sim or it provides one full sim slot and other micro slot Samsung phones with dual SIM connectivity.

It has dual 2G GSM connectivity and is one of the stands out of it. Samsung has better sound quality and, it tries to maintain it in almost every phone that provides clarity in voice.

This phone is a much better band network and, we all are always irritated with it. But sometimes, an issue in phone GSM does not allow you to attend the call properly than most of the smartphones out there.

Display and Battery Life

Samsung Guru Music 2 has a display of 2-inch with the latest TFT screen.

You will face no issues using this feature phone in bright sunlight because this brand having brightness levels of this tiny display are decent.

It provides a larger font size and, the type of font is readable also so, it gives less strain to the eyes and provides ease.

Some Additional Specifications

As the name suggests, the Samsung Guru Music 2 is a music-centric feature phone for the masses.

This device has an SD card slot that can take cards up to 16GB for storing music.

If you want a phone under budget with and, intense sound then you can buy this because The output quality of the music is on par with the budget smartphones out there and, the quality of FM radio reception is decent as well.

For simple functionalities like voice calling and text messaging, the Samsung Guru Music 2 is a compelling choice. It is best for the music lover and wants your phone to be a portable jukebox.

The comfortable form factor and the rugged build aids rough usage without any fear of damage.

This phone is the best pick for you out there for a budget of under Rs.2,000.

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