Samsung G800

by | Dec 4, 2020 | Slider phones

Samsung G800 is the 2nd UK mobile to brag a 5-megapixel resolution camera

  • And this has a camera phone with the best features enabled. But it has 3G-enabled, which makes it more demanding for the makers.
  • Samsung is majoring in the photographic capabilities of the G800 and, the mobile isn’t a one-trick pony.
  • It has a particular leather-like cover ensuring better grip, as well as its lens and xenon, flash comfortably covered by a stylish lens lid.
  • It has the slider in the front that grabs people’s attention towards it, but it might as well offer a touch-based user interface and no hardware keypad.

Build and Display

The G800 is a strong and robust phone which measures 101×51.1×18.8 mm and weighs 134 grams.

The slider mechanism of the phone requires a slight push for the implementation of the slide open feature.

The soft-touch slider is easy to operate with a single hand.

The handset allows the users to view high-quality images on a wide TFT screen of 2.4 inches that display up to 262 k colors on a high resolution of 320×240 pixels.

The display technologies decide a lot of factors includes how it looks, what the brightness.

This device has a wide-ratio of about 53.6%, which is tall 18:9 displays.

Now we have less, notched displays with screen to body ratios of 18.5:9, 19:9, and even 19.5:9.

Camera Specification

The high profile 5-megapixel camera allows users to expose off their photography talents the 3x optical zoom and 4X Digital does its job effectively, increasing image size by 0.25x at each press.

A further digital zoom extension up the maximum optical zoom limit is also available. It provides Auto Focus, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Xenon Flash, Faces Detection and, it has a less Mp camera but tries to provides the latest features. • Image Stabilizer, Image Editor, Image Stamp
• Panorama / Mosaic / Macro Shot
• Landscape Camera UI, Camera Lens Cover

Therefore, the handset is idle for users that possess or want to expose their hidden photography skills.

Overall, the G800 has a refined look, with the black-surrounded display and control pad array offset by chrome-look silver edging and details.

The image quality can be impressive, and the non-loss zoom is a real bonus for achieving close-in shots.

Battery Life

Samsung quotes standby battery life on the G800 to run for a minimum of 220 hours, with a talk time capacity of 200 minutes minimum with a full tank.

It features a tri-band GSM radio with HSDPA G800’s HSDPA 3.6Mbps connection speeds, and you can upload content as if you were on broadband at home., Bluetooth 2.0, microSD expansion, include HSDPA-support (probably only 2100 MHz). It includes FM radio and Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF).It has a loudspeaker Voice 70dB / Noise 66dB / Ring 73dB.

Additional Support

It supports attachments and a document viewer application that can open and edit the PowerPoint, and PDF files, Excel, Word, or jpegs, and also having email support. It can be used with files Bluetooth-ed over to the phone or loaded up via USB or MicroSD card, so you can easily copy and carry office files around with you on the phone.

Other standard applications include a to-do list function, calculator, plus various clock and calendar, voice recorder, memo note-maker, and timer functions. You can download Java games to play on the phone and, this fulfills the regular facilities.

The device tipped the balance with an overwhelming set of features, connectivity options, and smartphone apps that the G800 doesn’t match, despite its high-quality camera performance.

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