Motorola Moto Z9

by | Dec 4, 2020 | Slider phones

The Motorola Moto Z9

Has a slider variant of the old phoneRAZR2 V9 that has almost the same features but, it has a keypad slider it comes in the same that is deep burgundy red and design language. It is a 3G capable phone, serving as an in-car or on-the-go GPS using the large crystal clear display. This phone provides a facet of automatic re-route and full-color moving maps.

This phone has a color model different from the standard black and silver

And it makes the Z9 stand out in the cell phone crowd. The vivid, bright display is a sight to behold. It estimates 2.4 inches (320×240 pixels) and supports 262,000 colors, so it displays just about everything well, from graphics to photos to text. You can change the brightness and backlighting time. On the outside, the Z9 feels chunky; it’s long and wide (4.5 by 2.1 inches) but not very thick (0.5 inches), though it feels thicker than it is. Display shield with a thick but translucent layer of protective plastic.

Sliding the screen up reveals a keypad of large, flat number keys with finger-guiding dots with the soft touch.

The keypad on our Z9 had a minor build flaw wherein the plastic pulled away from the contacts slightly on the “5” key (it was minor and almost unnoticeable). The Z9’s large d-pad works well for games and provides an ease to play games and, we tested a variety of all of which played with the slider keypad and ran well on the phone.

As a 3.5 phone, the Z9 supports AT&T’s Cellular Video service and AT&T Music.

The phone comes with an adapter.You can expect between 3.5 and 4 hours of talk time, which is typical for an AT&T 3G phone. The Moto Z9’s endurance in our tests was quite good; after keeping the phone on for 24 hours. You can use its micro USB charging port with a standard 2.5mm headset (3.5mm music headphones do not support out of the box). GPS navigation with TeleNav driving directions, and AT&T’s one-way Video Share service. The LCD was bright when we stood in direct sunlight.

The Z9’s 2-megapixel camera takes delightful shots that are at the top of the 2MP crop.

The imaging software does a great job of sharpening photos without oversharpening and, colors are generally accurate and well saturated. The Moto can take pictures at a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 and offers three low-resolution as well. There are relatively few settings and, these include resolution, shutter sound (including no sound), save location, flash, and a self-timer.

Battery life, which we tested in 2G mode,

was acceptable and, yielding 10 hours, 21 minutes of talk time. Battery life is average for a feature-rich 3G phone, and the Moto lasted us at most three days of light use and a day of heavy use, which included 40 minutes of CV, 40 minutes of GPS use with AT&T Navigator, and 1 hour of talk time. The claimed talk time is 3 hours that is on target in 3G coverage areas (3G uses more battery power than GSM and EDGE) and, the claimed standby is 12 hours that seems accurate.

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