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Motorola Moto Z9

The Motorola Moto Z9 Has a slider variant of the old phoneRAZR2 V9 that has almost the same features but, it has a keypad slider it comes in the same that is deep burgundy red and design language. It is a 3G capable phone, serving as an in-car or on-the-go GPS using the large crystal […]

Samsung Epic 4G

It is also known as Samsung Galaxy S pro. This phone is a touchscreen smartphone and, launched in September 2010. Samsung Epic 4G is a powered device heading for Sprint. This high-end Android smartphone sports with advanced options and video capture. Unique to the Epic 4G is a slide-out keyboard, 4G data, mobile hotspot. Slide-out QWERTY keyboard and […]

Samsung G800

Samsung G800 is the 2nd UK mobile to brag a 5-megapixel resolution camera And this has a camera phone with the best features enabled. But it has 3G-enabled, which makes it more demanding for the makers. Samsung is majoring in the photographic capabilities of the G800 and, the mobile isn’t a one-trick pony. It has […]

LG Wine Smart D486

LG is a well-known brand, and it tries to come up with different models, Try to fulfill the customer requirement in the budget Phones that just fit your lifestyle. Get a compact, stylish phone with easy-to-use features.a It launched in September 2015. Body and Display This phone is available in two catchy colors are navy […]

BlackBerry Priv 4G Flip Slide Android

Blackberry well-known brand in Indonesia, South Korea, and they can beat  Android and IOS phones. Blackberry Priv 4G overlooks to engrave one and all by its gliding design and emphatic configuration. If you have been a Blackberry phone lover, then this one will certainly give you a lot to cheer about it. The BlackBerry Priv […]

Motorola Razr V3 Flip phone

Motorola Razr v3 Is best for other phones currently on the market that has better cameras, faster processors, and low prices. Whichever hand you use, it’s easy to swing a thumb across the V3’s keypad to tap out a quick text. It’s also easy to open and close the lid with a flick. While it […]

Smartphones under 5000

Increasing needs of mobiles in everyone’s lives So to deal or meet with the requirements mobile companies are trying hard to build a phone by compromising with the profits. We all know that many smartphone companies come with different agendas in the market. We have a list of the top 5 phones that gives the […]

Smartphone under 15000

 Budget phone is the requirement of everyone but on the other hand purpose of buying also matter while purchasing. Everyone has its reason that someone needs a phone for gaming or, on the other person needs a good quality camera, storage can be the need and, someone needs a classy and catchy phone design. So, […]

Smartphone under Rs. 8000

There is a wide variety of smartphone brands or model choices are available in the market. But it is hard to choose the right phone for you. Here are the top model smartphones with needed features and performance and, also under the range of Rs 7000 to Rs8000. Realme C3 The Realme C3 packs one […]


To ensure that this can survive in water and to check the durability, the device has undergone MIL-STD-810  several compliance testing processes and passed 14 different tests. With the IP68 feature, it can immerse in the water for up to 1/2 hour and is such a great feature. The phone LG Q Stylus+ smartphone launched […]